Heather Murphy,
Professional Genealogist

By: Heather | November 23, 2018

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The last few weeks of the year typically involve the gathering of family and the practicing of  traditions.  

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and after sliding pies in the oven I gathered the scraps of dough, rerolled it out, and cut random shapes to make pie crust cookies.  Encouraged by my husband, my mother-in-law described to my son how her mother would make pie crust cookies for their family, sometimes even without the intent of a pie in mind, and sprinkle them with brown sugar and cinnamon.   With a simple a story my son made a connection to an ancestor he never had the opportunity to meet and now he has that knowledge to pass on to a future generation.

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By: Heather | September 06, 2018

The theme of RootsTech 2018 was "Connect. Belong."  We are all connected to each other,  family trees and DNA give us connections far and wide.  My FamilySearch app had a long list of fellow attendees with whom I shared a common ancestor, I visited with a few people while waiting in lines, but I didn't leave the conference feeling I made connections.

In the last ten years I have felt genealogically isolated.  As a new mom who evolved into a homeschooling mom my time and energy allocations did not include getting involved with the local genealogical societies.  Last year I finally felt the time was right to venture out more outside my family.

The small genealogical society I joined was like many others, the m...